Feb. 5th, 2010


Moved to Dreamwidth

I have moved to Dreamwidth. I'm keeping this account open so that I can read some people's locked posts and participate in certain activities over here, but to all intents and purposes, I am gone. This is not my home.

Since at least 2007, Livejournal has been piling fuckery on fuckery, and I no longer feel comfortable supporting the service or the company that runs it. Some of their efforts include:

* Banning user icons depicting breastfeeding and other non-sexual partial nudity
* Suspending accounts, with no right of appeal, at the behest of religious fundamentalist groups
* Hiding interests related to sexuality, such as "bisexuality", from their "most popular interests" list
* Displaying homophobic advertisements
* Displaying advertisements that install malware on people's computers
* Attempting to enforce a binary gender choice on all users, to improve their ad targeting
* Failing to communicate decently with members on all the above points (and many more)

Meanwhile, Dreamwidth:

* Treats its members like people first and always.
* Is inclusive and welcoming with regard to gender and sexuality and the expression of them.
* Has a business model that I can get behind, and that I believe won't screw me over.
* Has no ads, which means that advertiser needs don't and can't come before member needs.
* Is a real open source project, with constant improvements to the service coming from the community itself, and a developer community that is more supportive and diverse than most.
* Has many improved features over Livejournal, from advanced reading filters to community admin tools to searchable journals to site navigation that doesn't suck.
* Supports journal importing, crossposting, and other cross-site features for those who want to operate in both worlds.

I made a lot of friends on LJ from 2002-2006, before I started to disengage from it. Since 2009, I have been making a lot of friends on Dreamwidth, and reading more thoughtful, creative, fascinating stuff over there than I've seen on LJ in years. I'd love to introduce you, my LJ friends, to DW and my DW friends. Please, come join us. It is quite simple to do, and I would love to stay in touch. I just can't do it here.

A few administrative notes:

1) If I had you friended on LJ and you regularly post unlocked, I'm probably now reading you via RSS.
2) If you only post locked, I am probably not really keeping up with your journal on a regular basis now. If you want to unfriend me, that's OK. If you want to leave me on your friends list then I'll try to drop by your journal occasionally to see what you're up to. If you want me to see something specific, let me know via private message or email or something.
3) You can follow my Dreamwidth posts here on LJ at dw_colonial.
4) If you would like to join Dreamwidth I have invite codes available. Paid accounts start at $3. The community dw_codesharing is another place where you can find codes.
5) If you are looking for any old posts which I've removed, well, I've backed them up to Dreamwidth so you could try looking for them there. My tag list should help. Additionally, my fanfic is also archived on AO3.
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